Staff Favorites

Tis the season for giving! But sometimes it's hard to find the perfect gift...

We're making it a little easier for you by providing a list of

Violet Teacher and Staff Favorite Things!

Name Favorite Snack/Candy Favorite Beverage Classroom supplies always in need: Favorite Gift Card(s)
Ackley Chocolate (NO NUTS) Coffee, Dry Erase Markers, Glue, CLorox Wipes, Markers, Any
Affholter twix and twizzlers Sweet Tea   Torrids
Bradford Snickers, Twix, Whoppers Diet Coke Dry-erase Markers Chipotle, Subway, Cabela's
Buerk Crunch bar, m&ms, reeses, sweet tarts Powerade (pink lemonade) tape, glue sticks, post-it notes, indoor recess toys Amazon, target, anything :)
Burton Pretzels Water Stickers Starbucks, Wendy's, Graters
Charlton reese cup alkaline water, pepsi   target, kohls, Movies,
Collins Peanut Butter M7M's, Tim Horton's Coffee Handsoap, Cool toys Tim Hortons, Subway, Easton
Dean anythimg carmel, starburst sweet tea   old navy, Olive Garden
Dixon Twizzlers flavored Water tape, dry erase markers, sharpies, markers speedway, target, amazon
Dominguez Starbursts Coffee Post its Starbucks
Dormer Junior Mints, Twix, Snickers water, diet Mt. Dew, Starbucks Bright colored copy paper, whate cardstock, Flair Pens, stickers Starbucks, book store, target
Fidler twizzlers,chips Diet Coke   amazon,target
Flaugher Butterfinger bars Coke Decorative pencils B & N, JoAnns
Foley Skittles, popcorn, jolly Ranchers, RX Bars Sparkling water Glue sticks, construction paper, Clorox wipes Target, Kohl's, Marshall's
Granados Heath Bar water, 5 Bean,Sprite sticky notes, Bright Cardstock, stickers, colored pens Target, KohLs, Movies, 5 Bean,
Green BBQ potato chips Flavored Water dry erase markers Graeters - Chipotle - Barnes and Noble
Greer Reeses Cup Sparkling ICE Mineral Water Expo Markers and Pencils Easton/Target/Barnes and Noble
Harrington chips and salsa Coffee and Diet Coke    
Hunter Trail mix , Popcorn, Resee Cups, Starbursts Iced Tea , Kombucha, Iced Coffee Toys for our prize box Easton , Target , Old Navy
Jarrell Cheez-it and Peanut butter m&m's Water, sweet tea Papermate Flair pens and cardstock Target, Subway
Johann Reese Cups Fresca, Strawberry Sprite Zero colored pens, notepads, post-it notes LifeWay, Target
Joy Trail Mix Starbucks Caramel Machiatto Dry erase markers Starbucks
Lowe chocolate (no nuts) coffee, diet pepsi    
Magistro any dark chocolate, anything chocolate and peanut butter coffee tape, regular markers, construction paper, colored paper to copy on I truly appreciate anything:)
Mattingly Dark Chocolate, popcorn, Starbucks Iced Tea , Favorited water Clothes for the clinic, stand up desk for laptop any!!!
McEvoy Starbucks, chocolate      
McGraner Dark Chocolate, popcorn Flavored Water Dry erase markers  
McNaghten Reese peanut butter cup ice tea. Glue sticks play dough tim Horton jennis ice cream
Moon blow-pops, bit-o-honey, gummy bears, nuts McDonalds iced coffee hazelnut, McDonalds coffee   any!
Morgan OMG eVERYTHING LOL, Snickers, skittles, chips Starbucks, tea, anything with sugar lol Dry-Erase Markers, construction paper, TAPE, cARDSTOCK, sTICKERS COLD STONE, STARBUCKS, TARGET, ANYWHERE
Nguyen Kettle cooked chips, hot cheetos, Coffee, Chai Tea, Smoothies, Kombucha Indoor Recess Games, Dry erase markers, Tape, Post It Notes, Flair pens, Starbucks, Amazon, Target, Easton, I appreciate all!
Persinger reese's kitkat 7updite   walmark
Pitman Peanut M&M's, Gummy Bears Iced Tea things for treasure box Greaters
Podgurski Fruit Coffee, water    
Reine reese peanut butter cup, potato chips dr pepper   amazon, shutterfly
Scipione Butterfinger diet pepsi anything! any!!!
Scott Reese Cups, Cheese Popcorn Chia Tea Card Stock, glue sticks Target, Easton
Skirpan Twix Wine dry erase markers thin and fat Amazon
Snyder, L.   Flavored Water Lysol Home Depot
Snyder, M. chocolate almond ice cream; popcorn; cashews; almonds; chocolate Iced Capp whiteout; pink erasers; tape Restaurants; Marshalls
Steinicke chocolate unsweet iced tea   Marshall's
Thomas Andy kind of Chocolate Candy Coke sticky notes, colored pens Easton & Target
Topy Chocolate Flavored Water Indoor Recess Games iTunes
Treneff M&Ms Iced Tea   Starbucks, Panera
Vanderhoff Reeses Cup Sweet Tea    
Wilson m&m's , anything chocolate iced tea, diet Coke gel pens, index cards Panera, Chipotle, Macy's
Zimmerman Pringles, Milky Way coffee dry erase markers Macy's, Target, Barnes and Noble

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